One of my favorite author is Paulo Coelho. His work is inspiring and very insightful. When I was reading The Alchemist, I felt a personal connection to my own life. The book inspired me to think about my own life and how I approach my goals and my personal legend. Coelho can appeal to every single type of audience even if you are someone who is not Spiritual or vise versa. He talks about the real human experience which makes his reading more alive and bring a lively feel to it. What I really like about Coelho is background and his journey towards writing career. A wise man once said the authors with the ¬†crappiest background are the best author because they are the one who contempt the most and want the most of their everyday life. ¬†It was said that Coelho was an usually child boy but he became a model for all the Brazilian’s and the world.I hope I can learn more from his books and understand the ideas he is trying to convey and from his life.