After looking at my literary exploration and the visual response. I think I did the good job understand the big idea but had trouble presenting it. When i was writing  LE the found the introduce the hardest but found it different to connect the thesis with my body paragraphs. I think I picked a difficult topic to write on. While writing I felt as I have never written an LE before. I had spend more time thinking about it than writing it on paper. After days of procrastination, I finally sat down to look at my first draft and nothing made any sense.  After spending 4 to 5 hour I finally hand in the assignment. I would say it was difficult for me at the time. On the hand my visual writing impressed me. The visual response was due in class and I finished in class. After looking over my work and the marks I realize my approach reasonable but style and the tone wasn’t  very strong and exciting. I think I find visuals are  creative and personal when I start writing.